Hey there and welcome to me!

I was born Nicholas Ryan Rowe but dropped the "Rowe" for shiggles. (That's shits and giggles for those unaware...also you're welcome.)

My dad has made mention that the night I was born he told my mother, "Nicholas Ryan sounds like a famous actors' name...That name will be up in lights one day." ...he's cheesy like that but I AM an actor. Well played Pop...well played.

I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Los Angeles, California. I attended two elementary schools and two high schools before leaving home to attend the Boston Conservatory of Music. Graduated and moved to NYC to chase the dream of being a Broadway performer.

That dream came true when I opened Motown the Musical at the Nederlander Theatre! Unfortunately the Broadway run was cut short. But, through adversity comes success and I soon found myself joining a new Broadway family with Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

I'm blessed and I know it. I have a supportive family, great friends, a wonderful team of agents, and I get to share my talents with the world. Here's hoping my dad was right and to many more updates along the way!